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Dynamic Facilitation

Dynamic moderation, communication & feedback training
- Key qualification for successful process and project managers

Dynamic moderation of workshops, communication with stakeholders, constructive handling of resistance and the application of a lively feedback culture are the most important factors for successful projects, along with methodological know-how.  The use of these soft skills has proven itself in numerous transformation projects in different industries. Accordingly, it strengthens project managers, process managers and executives in the solid implementation of change projects.

The holistic qualification of process and project managers through the training of soft skills enables an approach that leads to the greatest possible acceptance and implementation orientation in organizations, especially in organizational and business process redesign projects. At the same time, resistance is recognized at an early stage. The aim is to develop pragmatic solutions with the stakeholders so that the speed of implementation is increased.

The training concept, which has been used for many years in numerous companies in different industries and is continuously being further developed, enables the greatest possible practical orientation while at the same time imparting a broad methodical foundation.


Basics of dynamic moderation

  • Role clarity – core skills of a facilitator

  • Framework conditions & setting

  • Appearing in front of a group - presence in the room

  • phases of moderation

  • visualization techniques

  • online moderation

Communication in projects & workshops

  • Golden Feedback based on the concept of "Nonviolent Communication"

  • Iceberg Model & Questioning Techniques

  • Live moderation and presentation exercises 

  • Difficult workshop situations

  • Rapid learning exercises

target group

The training is primarily aimed at the following people:

  • You are a process or project manager or employee in change projects

  • Employees in strategic support areas such as corporate development or

  • Line manager with responsibility for change projects

Dates, duration & costs

The seminar lasts 2 days and can be booked as an in-house course. Tuition fee on request.


The training is carried out by very experienced trainers with extensive experience in change projects.


The training lasts 2 days. It can be booked as a face-to-face course or as an online course. Participants will receive a confirmation of successful course participation.

We provide the following materials:

  • course script

  • photo log

The seminar consists of theoretical input and numerous practical exercises. Appreciative feedback from the group and the trainer promotes self-awareness and enables sustainable learning. A variety of methods are used during the seminar: presentations, simulations, exercises and group work.

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