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leadership camp

Strengthening soft skills creates hard results

At a glance


It's getting harder and harder to leave our comfort zoneresponsibility for changeto accept Many managers shy away from things that look uncomfortable, unfamiliar, or too strenuous. But this prevents them from making full use of their own potential. Classic training courses and seminars provide information and methods with which the participants learn to solve problems they already know.

Way to success:

In order to be able to lead in a dynamic environment, managers should first know themselves - their characteristics,core motivationandlearned behaviors.


When we are fully aware of our basic attitude. even in uncertain times, we have the necessary inner strength to shape changes and improve team dynamics.

EVOLUTION Leadership Camp

  • Holistic personality development

  • acceptance of responsibility

  • communication skills

  • organizational skills

  • team orientation

  • flexibility

EVOLUTION Camps integrate the learning content on alevel that can be experienced by all senses. They are designed to empower managersfrom the first hour of trainingto experience and train.

The trainings deliberately take place in seminar houses for self-sufficiency. The participants are jointly responsible for the organization and procedure with theKitchen as a special work space.

In this protected spaceexperimentandreflectwe inreal situations, inrealtime. In this way, the participants learn the principle of maximumacceptance of responsibility, benefits and functionality of apracticed feedback culture, active team developmentand much more. On threeintense training daysarise new onesPatterns and successful solutionsfor day-to-day management with a far above-average levelimpact intensityand -length of time.

In our highly dynamic and complex world, it is becoming increasingly important to be well prepared for unpredictable situations. In our leadership camp, executives learn methods, thought patterns and procedures that enable them to find solutions to previously unknown challenges.

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