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Dynamic Facilitation

Capability to be a successful enabler

In the context of a world characterized by increasing complexity and dynamics, it leads less and less to the goal if concepts are elaborated by individual experts. Instead, it is more important to include the diversity of perspectives from problem description to solution finding. Our two-day training Dynamic Facilitation Basic provides the basis for goal-oriented facilitation of heterogeneous groups with different perspectives.

Target group:

Internal process and change managers as well as employees for whom the moderation of heterogeneous groups is increasingly becoming a success factor as part of their role

Preconditions: No


  • Duration: 2 days

  • In-house training

  • Presence training (standard) / 
    Online training (possible)



Experienced senior trainers with

years of practical experience in the effective implementation of Business Process Management in international corporate structures

The training concept, which has been used for many years in numerous companies in different industries and is continuously being further developed, enables the greatest possible practical orientation while at the same time imparting a broad methodical foundation.


It includes the introduction to the philosophy of Process Thinking as well as the teaching and practical practice of modeling rules for the visualization of actual processes, their systematic reflection and the development of implementation-oriented target processes on the basis of joint design by employees, managers and stakeholders.

The term training is program in the Dynamic Facilitation Basic Training. For


the individual training modules, participants can expect maximum exercise


intensity in order to be optimally prepared for real facilitation situations.

Contact person:

Astrid Jens Rosendahl

Associate Partner

+49 7031 296 1000

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