Navigating in turbulent times

Agility has never been more important for the profitable development of companies than today

"Business as usual - just a little better"

no longer is sufficient in these dynamic times 

Most organizations are trimmed for efficiency and geared towards more or less stable framework conditions. However, economy and society are undergoing a fundamental transformation. In particular, digitization and the increase of unforeseeable events - such as the current corona crisis - confront organizations with massive challenges.  

Almost no industry is excluded from this. Public organizations are facing the greatest challenges, as they have to catch up with the industry in terms of organizational maturity. It is not as if they are only concerned with coping with complexity and dynamics. In organizations, everything exists side by side. Standardized processes in a sufficiently stable environment can be just as important as agile leadership and autonomous squad teams in a highly dynamic environment. The trick is to recognize where and when, which focus is appropriate in organizations and finally to link the different worlds accordingly.


We make companies dynamic-robust

In our approach to help people help themselves, we support our

clients in an autonomy-promoting approach at eye level. We provide the management with an external view - free from the unavoidable operational blindness. We act from an independent perspective and thus also represent uncomfortable positions.


The advantages are obvious: the Not-invented-here syndrome is avoided and the know-how remains permanently in your organization. This guarantees a unique combination of implementation-speed and sustainability.


We can effectively support you in the following challenges:



Excellent product / market strategies and extensive planning are no longer sufficient to ensure entrepreneurial success with increasing dynamics. After all, the strategic path to the future is largely unknown.


Our EVOLUTION Roadmap is a very efficient method to develop a holistic strategic action framework based on critical self-reflection. This "space of the allowed" becomes the basis for an agile or dynamic-robust approach of strategy implementation.




Process Thinking_211464298.jpg

In most organizations, silo thinking continues to cause inefficiencies and conflicts. 


With the PROCESS-THINKING method it is quick and easy,

  • to overcome silo thinking,

  • to develop a culture of responsible collaboration

  • to establish agility as a new core competence,

  • to unlock hidden productivity reserves,

  • to create the basis for the use of digital technologies,

  • to recommend the company as an attractive employer.



The best strategy and the most perfect process will remain ineffective, if implementation falters. In order to move forward faster and with greater steps, continuous transformation from inside out is essential.


This is where the EVOLUTION method comes in. We develop high-performance in-house teams that permanently drive the transformation in close cooperation with top management. After initial qualification and training on the job, these teams quickly develop an enormous efficiency. The know-how remains in the company. Agility becomes a new core competence.



The digital transformation affects companies in all industries. A lack of time, the defence of existing structures and a narrow focus on classic IT topics are the main obstacles for traditional companies.


In addition to a quick-check on digitization, we support the development of a digitization road map and the design of digital business models. On this basis we are able to quickly realize first prototypes for apps or digital processes.

The key success factors of the EVOLUTION Approach 


The internal, professional support organization
(internal high performance teams)


Integrated, powerfully combined top-down and bottom-up


Common language and thinking with your hands


Integrated approach: strategy, process & structure


Intelligent combination of factual and cultural levels

Our approach regularly leads to more acceptance, more commitment, more intensity of change, more implementation, more sustainability, more benefits, more satisfaction



EVOLUTION PARTNER is an owner-managed management consultancy. We stand for independent consulting in the help to self-help mode along the following topics:

Strategy | Process Thinking | Transformation.

  • Average experience of our consultants, trainers and coaches in consulting and management functions: 21 years

  • Cooperation of the Evolution Partner Team for more than 10 years

  • Qualified in-house consultants / process managers / agile coaches: > 250

  • We are happy to establish contact to reference customers on request


Stephan Meyer
Founder & Managing Partner


Thomas P. Kühn

Associate Partner

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Astrid Jens Rosendahl

Senior Consultant


Astrid Jens Rosendahl

Senior Consultant


Dina Krumstroh
Senior Consultant


Carolin Meyer

Office Manager


Carsten Siegemund
Senior Consultant



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