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Process Thinking

A new, contemporary approach to business process management

Our two-day training Process Thinking Basic offers a well-founded introduction to the holistic

process management philosophy of Process Thinking. Field-tested tools for effective and measurable improvements are taught and intensively practiced. In addition, a framework is developed together, with which previous implementation obstacles in the process work can be overcome.

Target group:

Internal process managers and employees who are to accompany process improvements within the scope of their role (with and without basic knowledge of classic process management).

Preconditions: No


  • Duration: 2 days

  • In-house training

  • Presence training (standard) / 
    Online training (possible)



Experienced senior trainers with
years of practical experience in the effective implementation of Business Process Management in international corporate structures

Training modules:

  1. Basics of process thinking

  2. Roles in Business Process Management

  3. Process maps: “flying heights of process thinking”

  4. Lifecycle of process improvement

  5. Modeling rules

  6. Visualization of actual processes

  7. Quantitative samples in processes

  8. Reflection of actual processes

  9. Design of target processes

In addition to teaching the essentials of Process Thinking, this training lives from the rich practical experience of the trainers as well as from many interactive exercise elements.

Contact person:

Stephan Meyer

Managing Director

+49 7031 296 1001

Stephan Meyer - Geschäftsführung
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