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Navigating successfully in uncertain times

For companies, the frequent and systematic examination of their strategy is a key success factor. However, most of the known approaches come from the application in large companies and are rather less suitable for medium-sized or hidden champion companies. Our two-day training Strategy Basic provides an intensive examination of strategic tools, which are characterized in particular by their practical suitability and implementation orientation.

Target group:

In-house consultants, managers and all employees who are involved in strategy development and implementation as part of their role

Preconditions: No


  • Duration: 1 day

  • In-house training

  • Presence training (standard) / 
    Online training (possible)



Experienced senior trainers with
years of practical experience in supporting companies in the development and implementation of practical and effective corporate strategies

Training modules:

  1. Introduction to corporate strategy

  2. Strategy development

  3. Business models

  4. Effective strategy realization

  5. Handling complex problems

In addition to teaching the essentials of Process Thinking, this training lives from the rich practical experience of the trainers as well as from many interactive exercise elements.

Contact person:

Stephan Meyer

Managing Director

+49 7031 296 1001

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