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Project Management

Focus on implementation results from the start

Our two-day training Project Management Basic enables project management beginners to independently carry out smaller projects. Likewise, it gives employees who are assigned as project members to overlapping projects the ability to find their way around in this role and to better understand the overall context within the project work. In this training, managers get a good overview of how the role of employees changes through project work.

Target group:

Employees who are involved in projects in the context of permanent changes

are involved in projects in the context of permanent change and increasing complexity or are expected to manage smaller projects themselves.

Preconditions: No


  • Duration: 2 days

  • In-house training

  • Presence training (standard) / 
    Online training (possible)



Experienced senior trainers

e.g. Astrid Jens-Rosendahl

IPMA Level B certified

Contact person:

Astrid Jens Rosendahl

Associate Partner

+49 7031 296 1000

Astrid Jens-Rosendahl - Associate Partner

Training modules:

  1. Project management basics

  2. Defining smart goals

  3. Environment analysis

  4. Project Risk management

  5. Project Design

  6. Project planning (plan-oriented)

  7. Project control

  8. Difficult project situations & solution approaches
    Another module can be selected according to the needs of the specific project:

9.   Agile project management

10. Communication in projects

11. Project organization

As an alternative, all three optional modules can be selected in a three-day training course.

In addition to teaching the essentials of Process Thinking, this training lives from the rich practical experience of the trainers as well as from many interactive exercise elements.

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