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Change Management

Finding the line in the chaos

Our two-day Change Management Basic training enables those affected by change and managers to better understand the influencing factors and mechanisms of change and to derive opportunities for themselves and their area of responsibility. Employees whose job profile also includes supporting colleagues during change receive a solid basis with sound fundamentals and valuable tools for use in change practice.

Target group:

Employees and managers who are affected by pronounced changes in their workplace and in the entire organization.

employees and managers who are affected by significant changes at their workplace and in the organization as a whole, as well as employees whose tasks also include leading colleagues into change

Preconditions: No


  • Duration: 2 days

  • In-house training

  • Presence training (standard) / 
    Online training (possible)



Experienced senior trainers


Contact person:

Astrid Jens Rosendahl

Associate Partner

+49 7031 296 1000

Astrid Jens-Rosendahl - Associate Partner

Training modules:

  1. Triggers for Change Need

  2. Typical development phase of companies

  3. Tool: Map of Change

  4. Models of change

  5. Tool: Room of Change

  6. Dealing professionally with resistance

  7. The iceberg model in practice

  8. Tool: Power field analysis

  9. Collegial case consultation

10. Conflict management

As an option, the training can be extended by the module Conflict Management. The training duration is 3 days.

In addition to teaching the essentials of Process Thinking, this training lives


from the rich practical experience of the trainers as well as from many


interactive exercise elements.

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