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Evolution Camp

The path to a High Performance Team

Seminars provide information in the form of a lesson, by means of which the participants learn methods with which already known problems can be solved. In our knowledge society, this is important because we need to constantly expand our knowledge base in order not to lose touch. However, this is no longer sufficient today, because the challenge is more and more to solve problems and challenges that are not yet visible and known. This gap is closed by the Evolution Camp training module.

Target group:

Managers and employees who are faced with the challenge of guiding themselves and their colleagues through a change process in unfamiliar territory


Participants' suitability for self-directed training

in self-support mode - 

Principle of voluntariness !


  • Duration: 3 days per module

  • In-house training

  • Presence training 

  • Self-catering seminar house



Experienced senior trainers


Contact person:

Astrid Jens Rosendahl

Associate Partner

+49 7031 296 1000

Astrid Jens-Rosendahl - Associate Partner

Training modules:

  1. My inner attitude

  2. My outer impression

  3. Interaction in the team

  4. High Performance Team

Soft factors create hard results!

  • Even if we send a smart manager to the best training program, it is no guarantee that he or she will adopt and use new behaviors.

  • Learning new "soft skills" is a personal choice and is achieved through personal effort. 

  • Personal effort means training in a protected environment supported by insightful feedback and coaching so that mistakes are allowed to be made and do not have to be paid for dearly.

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